Mastodon federated social network server. Cathode Church repository.

Updated 2023-07-23 03:48:35 +00:00

Bash script to make using FIDO-key-authenticated SSH keys more convenient.

Updated 2021-11-17 11:51:51 +00:00

Instructions to set up a mastodon instance on a VPS, with object storage. Still very much under construction.

Updated 2021-02-12 14:16:18 +00:00

Scripts and info for Dit, Decimal Internet Time. Spec is at

Updated 2022-03-27 07:34:26 +00:00

Hearing Loop Receiver project based on Silicon Chip magazine design from 2010.

Updated 2023-01-24 06:36:14 +00:00

Repository for the Haptic Headband project, an accessibility device for users with limited directional hearing using microphones and vibration motors worn on a headband. It is open source and currently in development.

Updated 2022-06-19 08:32:38 +00:00